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  • Introduction
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  • Introduction

    To facilitate quick project creation from an external system like a CRM, Observer recognises query string parameters on its site creation page. When a project is created through a special URL you create, the parameters will be pre-filled into the project's proposal to reduce manual data entry.

    URL parameters

    An example site creation URL in Observer with no parameters:,145.074846

    An example site creation URL with parameters:,145.074846?customer_name=Bob%20Brown&reference_number=970

    The URL site creation link format is as follows:<latitude>,<longitude>?<parameters>

    The parameters are formatted as a normal query string, with key=value pairs separated by &.

    The available parameters are:

    Parameter Description
    customer_name The name of the customer (used on the proposal).
    reference_number The reference number. You can use this to track projects across Observer and your CRM.
    customer_phone The customer's phone number.
    customer_email The customer's email address.
    webhook_url A URL that should be notified when changes are made to this project.
    webhook_secret A secret value you can use to authenticate requests to the webhook URL provided.

    See the webhook reference for more details about the webhook URL and secret.

    To retrieve data about projects you have created, you can use the JSON API. For example, you can query the API to find details of a project with a specific reference number.